Sunday, February 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review

Well, we had higher hopes for the number of counties we would be able to get in 2014, but we'll settle for quality instead of quantity.  Part of the difficulty of being so close to the end of the countdown is that we only have a few places left to go, and if for some reason -- bad weather, schedule conflict, marriage -- we don't make it, it's wait until next year!  But we did have a great time in some beautiful parts of the state.  And the best part was that Brad had his new wife Kathy as a forever running partner!

Marriages:  1
Brad's new counties in 2014 (4):  Bladen, Pamlico, Mitchell, Currituck
Chad's total counties:  42
Brad's total counties:  82
Combined total counties:  92

Once again we went border-to-border this year, from the Rhododendron Run in the North Carolina mountains to the Sweaty Santa 5k on the Outer Banks!  We saw the lovely sound in Pamlico County and the blueberry fields of Bladen County!  It's a beautiful state to live and run in, and hopefully we'll do lots more of each in the year ahead!

It's going to be hard to reach the end of the countdown in 2015, but hopefully we can make it really, really close!  Only a few more places left to visit in the tour bus!  Keep those cards and letters coming in!  Come out and run with us as we knock out those last few counties!

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