Saturday, March 4, 2017

2016 Year in Review

Ok, so the past year was mostly notable for the arrival of some new running partners on the Chad and Brad teams!  Great to see both of our families blessed with new babies!  To show how committed he is to the family running business, Brad's new boy took part in three 5Ks in his first year!

With all the extra family activity, it's pretty surprising that Brad was able to get to six new counties in 2016, again almost traversing the state from end to end over the course of the year. 
Brad was finally able to make it to several counties that Chad had visited early in the countdown.
Combining our efforts, we're now only two counties away from visiting all 100!

Brad's new counties in 2016 (6): Camden, Rockingham, Alleghany, Guilford, Montgomery, Gaston
Chad's total counties: 42
Brad's total counties: 92
Combined total counties: 98

2017 has some opportunities to get the last eight counties Brad requires to make the full 100, but
again the calendar has to break just right, as some of the remaining destinations host only one or
two races a year and we have to be able to get that date.  But as the calendar looks now, Brad should be able to take at least four to six remaining counties off the list!  Stay tuned, and keep those cards, letters, and spare knees coming in!