Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Well, it looks like we've exhausted all of our new-county opportunities for the remainder of this year, so it's time to take a look back at all of the new races and new faces we got to see over the last twelve months:

Chad's new counties in 2011 (8): Lenoir, Scotland, Ashe, Catawba, Haywood, Burke, Richmond, Craven
Brad's new counties in 2011 (12): Lenoir, Scotland, Union, Wilkes, Warren, Graham, Haywood, Burke, Johnston, Franklin, Martin, Pitt

Chad's total counties: 38
Brad's total counties: 54
Combined total counties: 65

Once again we've covered the state from end-to-end, from Ashe County and Graham County along the western frontier to Martin County and Pitt County along the sound to Scotland County along the southern border. We've had a really good time and have been blessed with good health and good travels along the way. We've met some really nice folks and run with some talented runners. We've been fortunate to have been joined by friends and family along the way, and it's been fun convincing them that we really are trying to cover the whole state by running in different counties. And it's been a very nice surprise to have some counties which previously did not host a race decide to add them in the continuing effort to spur children (and adults) to get interested in being active and exercising; that's been a great boost to our efforts both this year and in the look ahead to 2012.

We met a very enthusiastic nature center host (and a bear) in Lenoir County. Chad got frisked by the sheriff in Scotland County. Brad danced with a cow, a stormtrooper, and Michael Jackson in Union County. And we had an excellent run with friends at the return of a moonlight running classic in Haywood County.

We passed the 60-county mark last August and tacked on five more new counties before the end of the year, and hopefully another good year in 2012 will take us at least past the 75% mark, if not further. Thanks for all the patience and support from our families, and keep those cards and letters coming in! Hopefully soon you can see the Chad-and-Brad tour bus coming through your part of the state in 2012! Keep on runnin'!

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