Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Well, it looks like we've exhausted our county-collection opportunities for the year, but what a year it has been! We've passed the 40% and 50% marks in our quest to cover the state, and with some favorable travel plans and passable knee joints, we should be able to make the year ahead another fun year of running in the Old North State! We've been fortunate to get to share some great runs in 2010 with good friends of ours, and hopefully that trend will continue into the new year.

Chad's new (or extended) counties in 2010 (2): Surry, Moore
Brad's new (or extended) counties in 2010 (13): Rowan, Craven, Sampson, Columbus, Onslow, Davie, Granville, Macon, Vance, Tyrrell, Bertie, Surry, Perquimans

Chad's total counties: 30
Brad's total counties: 42
Combined total counties: 51

What was big this year? We definitely had a blast getting to run together at the Mayberry Half Marathon in Surry County. Chad also worked in the Pinehurst Turkey Trot Half Marathon into his overall marathon training. Brad got to share the Old Edwards Inn and Spa PAR 5k in Macon County with his father, plus he got to enjoy some cross-country running at the Twin Cities Field and River Run XC 5k in Davie County and the Veterans Day 6k Cross-Country Run in Perquimans County.

We may not have more opportunities to run in new counties until February or March, but we'll be keeping one eye on the calendar in case a new possibility comes up! And you never know when we might have other items of interest to leave on the blog in the meantime! Keep an eye out for the tour bus rollin' through your town in 2011, and have a great new running year, everyone!

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Rachel said...

I'm still waiting for a ride on that bus. ;-)