Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're Not Alone

I had wondered at one point if other runners were on "county collection" quests of their own. Turns out what we're doing isn't that unusual.

Dr. Daniel Williams in Georgia is on a quest to run a race in all 159 of the counties in Georgia and also to run in all 50 of the state capitols. At his last update in 2007, he had run in all 50 of the state capitals and had 141 of the 159 counties down. When Dr. Williams found a county that didn't have a road race -- something we'll have to handle with a few North Carolina counties -- he organized a race himself!

Noah Wood in Maryland ran a running event in every one of Maryland's counties in a single year in 2007. Even though Maryland has only 23 counties compared to North Carolina's 100, that's still a pretty big accomplishment. Noah also found new quests like running in all four of Delaware's counties in a single week.

Our friend Joey Anderson is also visiting all 100 of North Carolina's counties, focusing on training runs instead of formal running events. We'll probably have to follow his example of using training runs for those counties without races.

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runjoey said...

Hey Brad, I just checked and I'm sitting at 82 counties now. Going to have to do some traveling to get the rest of them.